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Services provided:

Servers Maintenance and Data Center Administration

  • Creation and maintenance of the Network Architecture (infrastructure), including the dimensioning and specification of the equipment;
  • Installation, Configuration and Corrective and Preventive Maintenance of Windows Server Platform Servers (File Servers, Network and Authentication Services, Virtual Servers, etc.);
  • Backup Services Administration, Restoration for environment tests, Backup Robot Maintenance and Tape Storage Control;
  • Problems Identification (Hardware and Software) in equipment, with opening/monitoring of tickets with the suppliers;
  • Administration of Hardware Resources of the Servers (memory, disk, processing, etc.);
  • Administration of Operating System Resources of the Servers (monitoring of processes, services, etc.);
  • Monitoring of the computational environment (servers and backup and storage devices) through availability tools (resources of disk, memory, processing, network connections, etc.) and support in equipment maintenance performed by the suppliers.

 Support in IT Resources Administration

  •  Administrative control of equipment (Cell Phones, IP Gadgets, Laptops, etc.) and software;
  •  Activation and control of third party services (printing, telephony, data link, etc.);
  •  Elaboration and maintenance of technical documentation.

 Software Licenses Management

 Management of IT software licenses and other corporate tools and business support applications:

  •  Elaboration of Technical Documentation (specifications) for licenses renovations and acquisitions (Commercial and Technical Environment);
  •  Support and monitoring of the requests together with the supply team;
  •  Maintenance and support of the license managers and publication on software servers.

 Help Desk

Technical support (local or remote) to the users;

  • Local Technical Support to IT environment;
  • Configuration and Maintenance of computers network and systems;
  • Configuration of Workstations and their respective applications (e-mail, Office, antivirus, etc.);
  • Installation and Maintenance of Operating Systems;
  •  Identification of Hardware Problems and Opening / Monitoring of 3rd level tickets, activating other service suppliers of the CONTRACTOR;
  •  Printing Services Administration.

 IT Maintenance and Support for the IIT (Industrial Informatics) Project

  •  Specification, implementation and maintenance of the infrastructure and industrial network applications (IIT), including the specification of servers and storage devices;
  •  Installation, Configuration and maintenance of IIT environment servers, including services of Microsoft Cluster, Database Systems, Backup and Storage System, Applications of Servers Virtualization;
  •  Administration and configuration of LAN/WAN networks, including configuration of switches and routers, firewalls, diagnostics and repairs of connectivity problems;
  •  Monitoring of the computational environment assets through availability tools (resources of disk, memory, network connections, etc.) and support in equipment maintenance performed by the suppliers;
  •  Opening / Monitoring of 3rd level tickets, activating other service suppliers of the CONTRACTOR and monitoring of service queues and generation of managerial reports of incidents.

 Administrative Support for Contract Management

 Administrative Support for management and control of all the range of materials and services suppliers inherent to the Information Technology area (telephony, data links, equipment, infrastructure, among others), contemplating:

  • Management of Third Party Services and Contracts, including requests openings, measurements control, contractual readjustments, contracts terminations, among others.
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