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Services provided:

Local and Remote Technical Support to IT Infrastructure

  •  Design, implementation and maintenance of the Network Architecture (infrastructure), including the dimensioning and specification of the equipment (servers and storage devices);
  •  Support to supplies team (specification, prospection of suppliers and technical analysis of proposals);
  •  Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of Windows Server Platform Servers (Servers of Files, Authentication, Database, Antivirus, etc.), including Server Virtualization Applications;
  •  Installation, configuration and support to Backup and Storage Systems;
  •  Problems Identification (Hardware and Software) in equipments, with opening/monitoring of tickets together with the suppliers;
  •  Monitoring of the computational environment (servers and backup and storage devices) through availability tools (resources of disk, memory, network connections, etc.) and support in equipment maintenance performed by the suppliers;
  •  Configuration, diagnosis, analysis and resolution of connectivity issues (LAN/WAN).

 Support in IT Resources Administration

  •  Administrative control of equipment (Cell Phones, IP Gadgets, Laptops, etc.);
  •  Activation and control of third party services (printing, telephony, data link, etc.);
  •  Elaboration and maintenance of technical documentation.

 Help Desk

  •  Remote Technical Support to users (Service Desk) through TIERh’s structure installed in its office in Belo Horizonte;
  •  Local Technical Support (second level) or Remote Technical Support to the users from Igarapé industrial unit;
  •  Configuration and Maintenance of computers network and systems;
  •  Configuration of Workstations and their respective applications (e-mail, Office, antivirus, etc.);
  •  Installation and Maintenance of Operating Systems;
  •  Identification of Hardware Problems;
  •  Administration of Printing Services;
  •  Monitoring of service queues and generation of managerial reports of incidents.

 Information Security

  •  Services of monitoring, access control and incidents management (firewall, antivirus, IPS, IDS).


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