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Nowadays, the Information Technology (IT) area is a basic operational tool for any kind of company. Because of its dynamism, it’s a segment that requests a great attention to the daily applied technology and, sometimes, changes are so fast that the company may not have the time to do them.

 Currently, companies have a vital need for a highly-professionalized and technology qualified team, but they do not have enough knowledge to form an IT team appropriate to their needs, and this happens due the obligation of the company of remain focused at the businesses inherent to the market segment in which it operates.

 Therefore, similar to what happens in other operational activities related to the daily routine of the companies, the IT area is a “tool” and not their final goal. In this way, despite IT strategic importance under the operational and administrative point-of-view, it shouldn’t be regarded as a company business area, under the penalty of having an inefficient, highly costed and low-reliability “tool”.

 With this purpose, TIERh offers to its customers several levels and types of services according to their structure, options and needs, as follows:


Higher concentration of the company’s efforts (including the IT Department) in the main activities of itself, in this way maintaining vital operations of the business, avoiding unnecessary spent of energy, time and investments in IT technical questions;

Introduction of new technologies in the company without training costs. It’s responsibility of the outsourced company to maintain an internal team that is qualified and experient in several segments of technology;

Inexistence of labor charges and absences due illness, vacations or other reasons, once all of this is assumed by the outsourced company;

Easy administration and relocation of the technical staff, ensuring the continuity of the services with quality and independence regarding specific professionals. In this case, it is important to consider that it is evidently more difficult for the companies that do not have Information Technology on their core business, to retain qualified professionals (technicians), mainly because of the lack of prospects of professional growth of them inside that company and the work market of this qualified workforce;

The leaving of a technician, without his immediate and appropriate replacement, may cause unnecessary interruptions, directly impacting a company’s revenues. Even if the professional is replaced, the service continuity is affected in case the technician who was replaced fails to properly transfer all the technological particularities of the company to his successor;

In situations where the company already has a qualified IT team, with a hierarchized structure and positions of trust, and it wishes to keep it this way for strategic reasons, a support can be provided by an outsourced company for the more operational functions, like the HelpDesk or infrastructure. In this way, the management and the control of the process can be performed by the customer itself, without excessive costs for the company with wages, labor charges and other unnecessary operational costs;

For the cases when the demand for an IT team is very low (for example, small offices), and an outsourced professional is not required 8 hours a day, 22 working days per month, a package of working hours can be maintained under a monthly contract, in order to meet the existing demands, without excessive costs to the customer;TIERh already performs currently as an outsourced company in the IT sector in several companies, through a varied models and levels of outsourcing, from a sporadic support in solution of problems to the full management of the sector and its respective projects. Any doubt, get in touch with us to schedule a visit and understand more about our work.