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TIERh Tecnologia da Informação e Engenharia is a Brazilian company specialized in providing services in the Information Technology segment, and its current main activities are the Outsourcing of Professionals, Development of Designs (Engineering) and implementation of Information Technology solutions.

 Founded in 1998, its original activity was the elaboration / execution of Technical Trainings. During its 19 years of existence, the company has specialized itself in development of engineering projects and incorporated new services in Information Technology area, which include technical support, project and IT solutions implementation. Currently, TIERh is providing corporative services of:

 They are interrelated services with big synergy between them, they allow the integration of technological resources to the actual needs of our customers in a practical, simple and objective manner. In general, our service range was strategically thought aiming at a flexibility and comprehensiveness level that allow us to generate, simultaneously, solutions with the best cost/benefit relation, resources optimization and satisfactory results to TIERh and its clients.

 TIERH TECNOLOGIA DA INFORMAÇÃO E ENGENHARIA customers include public and private companies of miscellaneous segments and dimensions such as HCL Technologies, Anglo American, CMOC, MMX Mineração e Metálicos, Brazilian Federal Police, Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica Federal, Unincor, Betim’s City Council, State of Minas Gerais Government, Embrapa, Brazilian Post Offices, Brazilian Federal Justice, SENAC, UFMG, ORTENG, UFOP, ST Eng., among others.

 This diversity of customers, segments and solutions, is only possible with a work philosophy that gathers, in a responsible, practical and objective manner, a comprehensive range of services and qualified professionals aligned with our company and customers objectives.